Copenhagen Board Game Café / Københavns brætspilscafe

Social Corner

Copenhagen Board Game Café / Københavns brætspilscafe

Over 500 games, Student and group environment and many offers on drinks

Who we are


The Social Corner is a board game cafe for board game lovers.  We believe that play provides an opportunity to take a break from normal routine and connect with others at different levels. Our philosophy is based on research that has shown that play facilitates collective action, community building, creative thinking and general well-being. We offer warm hospitality and aim to be described as a place to gather besides home and work.

Our location

At the Social Corner you can enjoy your cup of coffee or glass of wine by our panoramic windows looking down on one of Copenhagen's most popular high streets. Share a plate of nachos and play board games with your loved ones. Need to get in the mood? Hum along to our feel good tunes or request your favourite song to our staff. 

How it works

The Social Corner invites guests to explore our diverse range of board games. You are welcome to play as many games as you like for 25 kr.  You can also get a membership of free play for one year for you and 1 guest for 150 kr. 


If you want help from a guru to instruct you with the games the guru should be reserved at least 1 week in advance. For booking a guru you need to reserve a table for at least 4 people. Gurus charge per hour.


Everyone is welcome at the Social Corner. Whether you are a student with writer's block, a family needing screen-free quality time, a leader in search of  team-building activities or just a curious walk-in, we have something for you. It is always a good idea to book a table to avoid disappointment. This way we can also prepare something for you beforehand and you have even more time to play. 


At the Social Corner we have a code of conduct inspired by W. Patterson: "Bear in mind three essential qualities in all games of intellect:– Never to show selfishness or to wound the feelings of your adversary. To be modest with a good game. To lose without ill-temper, and to win without bragging."